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Heart Shape, ladies with heart-shapes have faces that are wider towards the top and narrower at the bottom. Your sculpted cheekbones are one of your most prominent features, so highlight them with layers that frame your face! You cant go wrong with bangs since they accentuate heart shaped faces. Bangs add the appearance of fullness while balancing out your facial features. Theyre also gorgeous, playful, and most importantly, they help to contrast the pointed jaw lines in heart shaped faces. Blunt and side swept bangs work best for this look. Have more to share with the skinnyMs.

the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are nearly equal, you likely have a round face. If this is the case, opt for cuts that give off the illusion of length. Too much volume around your face will make your shape appear even wider, while long hair gives the face dimension. Cuts that fall below the chin can give your face the illusion of a longer, leaner shape.  If you want to wear your hair curly, start your waves below the lips to add width in the right places. Try to avoid short bobs or one-length cuts, as these can make a round face look rounder. Also, if youre a big fan of bangs, go for side-swept or long, wispy layered bangs.

Theyre the ultimate face shape when it comes to versatility. That said, choosing a hairstyle should be fun! When it comes to flattering styles, oval faces look bomb with long layers that hit the cheekbones and the chin. We love the shoulder-length wavy cut. The volume in the waves rounds out oval faces while adding definition to the cheekbones. Although its hard to choose the wrong haircut, stay away from fighting recensies your hairs natural texture! Instead of damaging your hair with heat styling and chemical-laden products, choose a hair cut that lets you embrace your natural curls, pin-straight hair, beach waves, or whatever texture youre working with! Square Shape, if youre flaunting a strong, angular jawline, you likely have a square face. One of our favorite cuts for square shaped faces is the long layered look. Layers in varying lengths help to offset strong jawlines.

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A perfect haircut always requires thought. Before walking in a salon and choosing a cut, you have to know the best haircuts for your face shape. The four main face shapes are oval, square, round, and heart. When looking for a new do, keep in mind that the right haircut style will flatter your specific facial features depending on your face shape. Itll also highlight and show off your best features from any angle. Here are some of our favorite looks for each face shape. And remember, when picking a new style, dont be afraid to go wild and do something bold! Oval Shape, oval face shapes can pull off practically any hairstyle.

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